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9 to 5 Hiker has always been for working professionals balancing full-time careers and life in the outdoors. I know from personal experience. I was a full-time desk jockey, grinding out marketing copy, blog posts, and product descriptions 40+ hours a week.

Emphasis on the “was.”

I was laid off…

The battle station, in all its glory.

Step one of my software engineering bootcamp starts today with pre-course training and I spent the last couple weeks perfecting my workspace.

I’m obsessed with a desk setup that’s just right and, while I already had some of this organized for my gaming PC, I was able to build a…

A leaky sleeping pad is one of the worst gear failures you can encounter in the backcountry. A good pad isn’t just for comfort — it’s what separates your warm body from the cold ground. When it deflates, you wake up freezing in the middle of the night. …

Backpacking gear is 100 percent function over form — I love that. Trendy retailers like Huckberry sell gear that looks great, some of it very useful, but all of it marked up and expensive.

You can easily spend more than $100 on a knife. Here’s one by Benchmade for $145

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Dismissing an Arizona summer as “dry heat” is like calling a well-done steak “edible” — both are technically true but still awful experiences. The summer sun in state forty eight is so hot that it will literally cook an egg on the sidewalk. This isn’t some insider’s secret from the…

It’s been two weeks since Ford debuted the highly-anticipated 2021 Bronco to the world, but all the ads on my social feeds are for the Jeep Wrangler. Is it because I follow outdoors and overlanding accounts on Instagram? Maybe. But it’s more likely because I’ve been watching videos like this:

There’s no one single playlist I drive to in the backcountry, but they all share a similar vibe. This is a greatest hits album of my favorite summer driving jams and should definitely have a place on your playlist the next time you hit the country roads.

Kid Rock — All Summer Long

All Summer…

Jim Burch

Arizona Adventurer | Writer | 9 to 5 Hiker

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